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Yokohama, Japan
Subsidiaries: Apogeetech (Europe) Ltd. Limerick and Athlone, Ireland

How capable are we ?
How can we assist your business/research ?

As your business partner in the pharmaceutical business we are the best choice in your both strategy and tactics. Without any doubt we will able to assist you in quite excellent way. You will surely realize that our fantastic service in every step of your business.

 RIC-Apogeetech will be able to provide exclusive excellent service to you for your successful business. Every step from preclinical to launch to the market, we will assist you through strong and intensive assistance such as documentation, marketing research, licensing, organizing the business opportunity in the both Europe especially in Ireland and The Far Eeast involving Japan.

 For the European company we can assist to establish the strategic relationship with Asian company especially Japanese Pharmaceutical Companies. The company who has an idea to establish some relationship with Japanese pharmaceutical company, our service will be quite efficient weapon. Vice versa, for Japanese pharmaceutical and relating companies, our service for establish the strategic relationship with European company is excellent. Every type of tactics and strategy will be realized through us and our associates in quite fantastic way.

Company name:

 Research Instrument Co., Ltd.
Head quarter:

Sumiregaoka 8-55, Tudzuki,

Yokohama, 224-0013 JAPAN
F a x : +81-45-942-8752

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